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Free Shipping Assembled DIY radiation detector Geiger Counter Kit; Nuclear Radiation Detector GM Tube geiger radiation detector Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name XHGMAK
Model Number DIY geiger kit
Guide Width or Diameter other

Assembled Radiation Detector DIY Kit


<>Arduino Compatible Board

<>Geiger Tube is included !

<>Could be connected to PC directly to do realtime moniting.
     we also provide free matlab source code to do moniting and analysis.
Testing Video:
This Nuclear Radiation DIY Detector Kit. Arduino compatible kit. Can drive M4011,STS-5, SBM20 or 
J305 Geiger tubes on the PCB. Has voltage compatibility with all popular GM Tubes that requires anode voltage 350-500V.
The kit has visual and sound indication of the radiation and can be used as detector of dangerous radiation levels or 
radioactive materials in your environment. Excellent cheap solution for Arduino COSM monitoring station. Good kit for MCU 
software developers that just want to drive Geiger Tube for their own software. Include PDF manual with instruction and 
Arduino code examples. The kit is compatible with "Radiation Logger" via Arduino SPI.
This eBay lot for one (1) assembled soldered calibrated board of radiation detector with GM Tube(M4011).
Package list:
1)1x Assembled Radiation Detector system
2)1x GM Tube(J305), already assembled on PCB board.
3)1x Power supply cable
4)1x Materials are sent through email address.
5)1x Battery Holder (without batteries)
6)3x Jumper Wires
Technical specifications:
Geiger Tube PCB Compatibility:   J305, M4011, STS-5, SBM-20,
Geiger Tube Voltage Compatibility: All General GM Tubes with anode voltage 350-480V
Sound and Visual Indication
Arduino Compatible
Supply Voltage: 5V; 3x 1.5V Battery; 4x 1.2V Battery
Include high impedance voltage divider
Supply Current: 12mA - 30mA
Dimensions: 120 x 50 mm
Shipping Weight: 150gr
Declare in advance:
This kit, completely open source, this price does not provide technical support, technical support needs and with continuous technical department, the project received 1,000 yuan. Require technical support, please contact in advance, do not buy. We have a forum ( we are free to ask questions at the forum, as users freely post a question, but we do not promise hands guidance. This kit is suitable for electronic-based customers, if you do not have electronic-base, please  purchase with LCD display nuclear radiation counter.
Arduino MCU Communication:
The PCB has 3 pins for communication with MCU: INT, GND, 5V. You can power up the kit from 5V Arduino board directly. Or, 
if you use batteries for Geiger Kit, you have to connect only 2 pins to Arduino: INT and GND.
There is many different application you can use this kit, especially if you are software developer. The board send 500 uS 
high-low-high interrupts to Arduino. We offer 2 simple sketches as an example, please modify it for your needs. We do not  provide technical support for Arduino code.
You can learn more at home page of arduino.
Actually its possible to use this kit with any other microcontroller, not only Arduino boards because it has the same  principles, but if you are beginner it will be easy to start with Arduino.
J305 Geiger Tube Specification:
Tin oxide Cathode, Coaxial cylindrical thin shell structure(Wall density 50±10cg/cm2),Application of pulse type halogen tube
application temperature:-40°C~55°C
Could be used for :γRay 20mR/h~120mR/h  
               and β Ray in range  100~1800 ChangingIndex/minutes·CM2 soft β Ray
               (Both beta and gamma radiation detetion)
Working Voltage: 380-450V 
Working Current: 0,015-0,02 mA
Sensivity to Gamma Radiation: 0.1 MeV
Own Background: 0,2 Pulses/s
Length:  88mm
Diameter: 10mm